Saveit starts with the Inbox. All your Texts, Voicemails and Photos are stored in the Inbox until you either save them in folders YOU create or delete them.




  • All your texts are stored in the Inbox.

  • The inbox holds your text strings by contact until you file each string to a folder you create,

  • SaveIt picks up your unanswered calls.

  • Save important voicemails for as long as you want.

  • Set greetings for all your contacts.

  • SaveIt allows you to save photos that you have taken with your phone to folders that you create.

  • Save photos embedded in your text. Add tags to locate your photos immediately.

  • Never listen to another voicemail again.

  • SaveIt transcribes your voicemail to text for easy and fast response. 



To save a text from your Inbox, just open it and SaveIt to a folder by long-pressing on the folder name or create a new folder. You can also add as many sub-folders or tags as you want. 


You can share your text threads via text, email, Facebook, or Twitter. Just use the share icon at the top of your phone and follow the prompts. You can also share a single part of a text by long-pressing on it and following the prompts. 





With SaveIt you can save every voicemail to folders you create. It transcribes every voicemail so you can read them instead of listening.


You can also share you voicemails via email, text message, facebook or twitter — it’s up to you.


SaveIt also allows you to set up a default greeting or custom greeting for anyone in you contact list.


Save every voicemail for as long as you want.



SaveIt allows you to save photos that you take with your phone. From the Inbox you can save each photo to a folder you create. To save a photo from your Inbox, just open it and SaveIt to a folder by long-tapping on the folder name or add a new folder — look at the top right of your phone. You can also add as many sub-folders as you want.


Don’t forget to add tags. You can create as many tags as you’d like and assign multiple tags to any text, voicemail, or photo.


You can also search by folder or tag.



Are you tired of having to listen to all your voicemail message? Now you don't have to.


SaveIt transcribes all your voicemails so you can quickly read the message and decide which are a priority.








into text for
easy and fast

You can also share the voicemail with one or multiple people via text or email. A great way to keep everyone in the loop.


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